Wooden Jharokha


jharokha (or jharoka) was a type of over-hanging enclosed balcony used in mainly in Indian architecture, typically during the reign of Mughals and Rajputs.

These Jharokhas in ancient times were used to beautify the courtyards, palaces and one of the most important functions it served was to allow women in purdah(curtain) to see the events outside without being seen themselves. In construction, these were very much similar to the Victorian practice of building Bay Windows.

The  above Picture is of the Udaipur Palace which is in the city of Udaipur, Rajasthan, India.

These Jharokhas were beautifully carved in wood and decorated with much elan. With time, the palaces, courtyard, purdah all got obsolete. But what remained is the tradition/people/gharanas who from generations have being into carving these jharokhas. These guys found a way of getting this piece of art into your living rooms. These artisans now make small jharokhas which can be used on your walls as wall-decor. These Jharokhas still look very royal and stylish. 


Available on our site are these beautifully carved Jharokhas:



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