Meenakari Art Work


Meenakari Art is yet another art form prevalent in India since the ancient times of Mughals and Hindu Kings. The stories goes, that these royalties wanted to beautify their ornaments, utensils, decorative pots etc with varied bright colours and pattern, and the art of meenakari was invented. 


Meenakars (people who specialised in this art form) were often seen beautifying the metals like gold and silver with their art. With time and period and the end of the Raj in India, the meenakars were seen moving from gold/silver to other cheaper metals, to make the art affordable to the commoners in India.


The making is a complicated process where the artisans emboss the design on a metal sheet, paints it with vibrant colours and processes the sheet in a furnace before fitting it on the product.


The finished products are a treat for eyes and a pleasure to own. 


You can find few of these  beautiful products in our store



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